CoolIT ECO A.L.C. CPU Water Cooler Review

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Final Thoughts

CoolIt ECO A.L.C. CPU Cooler

CoolIt Systems has been bringing water cooling kits to market for a couple of years now. They are starting to get more popular as users want the quiet operation and benefits of water, but don’t have the budget or desire to drop $200+ on a custom water cooling solution. So more and more companies, like Asetek, CoolIt Systems and Corsair, are starting to make coolers like this.

Currently the ECO A.L.C can be found on New Egg for $54.99 plus shipping after a $20 mail in rebate. This could be a very attractive price point for users to get their feet wet (so to speak) in the world of water cooling. The ECO A.L.C. is a nicely made unit and comes with a two year manufacturer warranty. It supports all the popular sockets and is easily mounted. It performs better than the stock Intel HSF for our Core i7-920.

I spent a lot of time with the ECO A.L.C., and in my testing I noticed that with the stock fan the radiator became saturated with heat very quickly. After 5 minutes of Prime95 I could feel hot exhaust air coming off the rad, and the case side was really warm as well. If the radiator was a little bigger/thicker it may be able to cope with the hot running i7-920 better. If not a bigger rad, then a pair of higher CFM fans would help to pull that heat away faster.

Like I said previously, the ECO A.L.C can be found on New Egg now for $54.99 +shipping after a $20 mail in rebate. The money from the rebate would more than cover a pair of high CFM fans. Even in its stock form it performs way better than our Intel Core i7-920’s stock HSF and would suffice for any average user’s middle of the road needs. Higher end enthusiasts who like to push their system for all it’s worth will want to play with fan configurations to get the balance of noise and performance.

Legit Bottom Line: The ECO A.L.C. from CoolIT Systems looks to be well made. With the current rebate off it gives an end user a way to try water cooling and not break the bank.

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