Coolink Corator DS Gapless Direct Touch CPU Cooler Review

Today we look at Coolink’s newest CPU cooler the Corator DS featuring Coolinks new Gapless Direct Touch (GDT) technology. Four large 8mm heatpipes, a dual fin stack design and a PWM controlled SWiF2 120mm fan are among the features that enable the Corator DS to achieve an optimal balance between outstanding cooling performance and quiet operation. Read on to see how it performs on our Intel Core i7 test system against nearly two dozen other coolers!

Coolink Corator DS CPU Cooler

Back in January Coolink released its newest CPU cooler called the Corator DS, and they sent us one to test. Coolink is known for inexpensive coolers that perform, and in times like now inexpensive is good. This time around Coolink is bringing new technology to the market with their cooler: Gapless Direct Touch. Just like the name suggests, the base of the Corator DS is Heatpipe Direct Touch (HDT) design instead of the normal gaps between the round pipes. Also, the base of the HDT design is copper fitted, so that fills the space between the heatpipes. It allows the base to perform as an HDT cooler and also has the benefits of a solid base with no gaps. What also makes this interesting is that Coolink is using the Noctua SecuFirm2 mounting system…


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