Cooler Master Storm Stryker Case Review

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Unboxing the Storm Stryker

Storm Stryker Box Front

Starting off on how Cooler Master packaged up the Storm Stryker, on the first panel or front of the box, Cooler master gives us the image of this chassis and that this chassis has USB 3 and 2.5” SSD support.

Storm Stryker Box Left

Rotating the box 90° to the right brings us to an end cap that gives us general specifications of the Storm Stryker chassis.

Storm Stryker Box Back

Rotating the box another 90° brings us to the backside of the box and here Cooler Master lists the features of this chassis, and on the bottom Cooler Master lists these features in multiple languages.

Storm Stryker Box Right

Another rotation brings us to the final end cap.

Storm Stryker Box Opened

Opening up the box we can see Cooler Master packages up this chassis pretty much a standard way we have seen with countless of other chassis.

Storm Stryker Tool Tray Removal

Now before I give you what Cooler Master includes as far as accessories, I need to remove the tray from the chassis where they are contained in. This is so I do not confuse you readers later on in the review. At the very bottom of the Storm Stryker chassis is a removable cover.

Storm Stryker Tool Tray Removal 1

And on both sides of this removable cover are two little push clips that need to be pushed inwards so that we can remove it from the front bezel.

Storm Stryker Tool Tray Removal 2

Looking just inside of the removable cover is a little tray that is secured to the chassis with two small screws. These screws need to be removed in order for us to remove the tray.

Storm Stryker Tool Tray Removal 3

After the screws have been removed we can now remove the lower tray. It just slides right out of the chassis.

Storm Stryker Tool Tray Removed

Then open up the tray, Cooler Master calls this a tool tray, and we can use this tool tray for just about anything we want. Put in excess chassis screws, tools, or just about anything we may need to use this tool tray for.

Storm Stryker Tool Tray Opened

After removing the top of the tool tray we can see the included accessories Cooler Master includes with the Storm Stryker.

Storm Stryker Accessories

The contents of the included accessories should include:

  • an EPS CPU power cable extension
  • Motherboard Stand Offs
  • Wire Ties
  • Fan screws
  • A PC Speaker
  • Various Chassis screws that will be needed to secure all of our computer components into this chassis
  • A 5.25” to 3.5” bay device adapter

Cooler Master Storm Stryker

What the Cooler Master Storm Stryker looks like outside of the confines of the box.

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