Cooler Master Storm Sniper Black Mid-Tower Case Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Final Thoughts

Cooler Master Sniper

I have very little (if anything) bad to say about the Cooler Master Sniper. This is one very nice case. It has loads of room and is relatively light. It gives the end user the ability to remove unwanted items, add in needed items, and reconfigure fan locations. As open as the case is it is very quiet; on low you don’t even know the system is running. I turned it off once on accident by hitting the power button because I had the LEDs off and I thought the system was off. With the case on high it will be noticeable, but I don’t see you having to turn up the TV due to it.

Cooler Master Sniper

The LED lights are not excessively bright, but do have a nice glow to them. The ability to turn them off is very nice for those of us that don’t want or need a night light. The Force200 led fans come in two colors: stock blue R4-LUS-10AB-GP and red R4-LUS-10AR-GP. Cooler Master’s website states that the aftermarket Force200 Blue LED will be released to market February 2009.

The StormGuard bracket is a nice little security feature to be used in tandem with the lock on case. It may be inconvenient to set up at a LAN, but not nearly as much as coming back to your table to find that your nice expensive keyboard, mouse, and head set have walked off.

The Sniper does have one drawback to it: its price. The Sniper can be found for a $163.99 plus shipping. With the Sniper’s features and build quality, to me it’s worth every dime. In the current state of the economy though, it may be a hard sell.

Legit Bottom Line: The Sniper is a very nice case that will make any enthusiast very happy, if their wallet can take the hit.

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