Cooler Master Launches Seidon 120M CPU Water Cooler

Cooler Master recently announced the Seidon 120M CPU water cooler. Cooler Master entered the All-In-One (AIO) liquid cooler market way back in in 2004 with the Aquagate Series, so they have plenty of experience with liquid cooling. The Seidon 120M CPU water cooler is to be the first in a long line of new AIO liquid solutions from Cooler Master.

Seidon 120M CPU water cooler

CM Seidon 120M CPU water cooler Features:

  • Factory filled with coolant, then sealed and pressure tested – requires zero maintenance for years.
  • Compact and durable all in one waterblock secured with 12 stainless steel bolts.
  • Waterblock machined out of a single block of copper for the best possible heat transfer.
  • Precision machined Micro Channels maximize the water contact surface to quickly dissipate heat.
  • Compact 120mm aluminum radiator fits in virtually any case, internal or external.
  • Fin design optimized for minimum air restriction to reduce fan speed and noise.
  • 120mm PWM fan with a wide RPM range to fine tune and balance fan noise and performance.
  • Blue LED indicator lights up when operating.

Seidon 120M, designed from the ground up to be an extremely compact solution that is accessible to all. Affordable can often be a stigma, but quality remains a high priority with Seidon 120M. It has a high performance waterblock that is machined out of a single block of copper with special Micro Channels that maximize heat dissipation. The integrated pump / waterblock combo assist in saving valuable space around the CPU socket while providing performance and reliability that is similar to air-based CPU coolers. Operating between 600 and 2400RPM, the included 120mm PWM fan ensures that there will be plenty of options for balancing performance and noise to a user’s needs.


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