Cooler Master HAF XB Lan Box and Test Bench Case Review

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Final Thoughts of the HAF XB

The HAF XB is what I would like to call innovative. Cooler Master incorporates some of the best capabilities of three different types of chassis into one neat clean looking chassis design with the HAF XB. These three types of chassis designs are the short and easy portability of an HTPC chassis, the large interior and capabilities of the larger mid-tower chassis, while also adding the ability of turning the HAF XB into a test bench in a matter of minutes.

Installation was a breeze once I was able to figure out the best course of action, and I will not hold this against the HAF XB, as every chassis is unique in its own right and the HAF XB is no exception to the rule. I loved the idea of not having to spend any time on hiding excess wires from the PSU, or have to route them behind the motherboard tray, I literally just had to install the PSU and its corresponding power cables I will be needing, and install PSU and the rest of the hardware and call it good.


The only real gripe I have with the HAF XB is the issue I had when installing the PCI expansion cards into this chassis. I feel that Cooler Master could have paid a bit more attention to the motherboard tray, but at the same time things do happen and this small issue did not keep me from utilizing this chassis properly.


The Cooler Master HAF XB is going to have a sticker price of $99.99 USD, considering that this chassis clearly redefines computing I feel this is more than a fair price to pay to have such a flexible chassis at our disposal. And the pricing puts this into a class to where just about anyone wanting the HAF XB within grasp.

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The Cooler Master HAF XB is a chassis that redefines our computing experiences and allows the average individual capabilities that can give us years of use and flexibility that only so very few mid-tower chassis can truly claim.

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