Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 Case Review

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Stacker 935 Hardware Installation

925 Hardware Installation

Stacker 935 Full Build

If installing an ATX or Micro-ATX board, there is a large amount of room since the case supports E-ATX boards.  Cable routing is easily accomplished the the number of cable management holes in the tray.  There were no surprises during the install, everything went as intended.  The two pre-installed motherboard standoffs are notched to make it easier to install the motherboard.

Stacker 935 MB Space

While the case is technically a Mid-Tower, it can support the E-ATX motherboards, so it is fairly long.  Once an ATX motherboard is installed, there is 4.5 inches of space between the edge of the motherboard and drive cage.  So video cards up to 14 inches in length should have no issues, if your video card is larger than that, the removable 3.5″ hard drive cages will allow for much longer video cards.

Stacker 935 Back of Tray

Now  this is a large CPU support bracket hole, there is more than enough room to support any position of the CPU.  The hidden 2.5″ drive fits nicely behind the tray, it’s area is slightly raised so that gives a little extra room to connect cables.  Installing the drive is easy, slide one side onto the pegs, and use the included screws to secure it.  Cable routing wasn’t fully complete at this point, however installing the side panel didn’t require any additional force to get it to slide into place.

Stacker 935 Window View

 Once last look at the completed build before we take a look at the 915R example build.  The extra large window allows almost the entire interior to be visible through the tinted window.  With the front edge of the window being raised and it tapering towards the back of the case it gives it a nice look and feel.

915R Hardware Installation

The 915R can do multiple jobs, as either a cooling device, storage bay, and even a Mini-ITX system.  Even though there is no front I/O cluster, a Mini-ITX system will be installed in the 915R to give an idea how it can be done.

Stacker 915R Left Side

With the right side panel off, the hard drives are visible, and the Gigabyte HD7870 video card that is installed in the single PCI-E slot.  Plenty of room for even the longest of video cards.

Stacker 915R Right Side

Not many options for cable routing, however with cable ties it could look much nicer than this mess of cables.  There is enough room between the Mini-ITX board and the hard drive cage, where another cage could be installed, or place three cages in the 915 for even more storage space.

Stacker 915R MB Tray Hole

Removing the rubber grommet from the bottom of the 915R, there is no sign of the CPU cooler support bracket, make sure you install the one  you want before installing the motherboard. 

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