Cooler Master GeminII CPU Cooler Review

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Installation continued

Cooler Master GeminII with fans

The GeminII gives you the option to install twin 120mm fans on to the cooler with provided mounting rails. Now as I didn’t have a matching pair of 120mm fans I will be using what I had handy. Now with the fans installed, the rather large looking cooler just got that much bigger looking.

Cooler Master GeminII comparing heights

Now notice I said “large looking”. As one can see the cooler is wide as all outdoors, but it is short, really short. It is only 3″ tall. To show this I set it next to the two shortest coolers I have the stock Intel and a Zalman 9700LED.

Cooler Master GeminII fan adjustment

The mounting rails for the fans also allow you to adjust the position of the fans from side to side to clear other components or to get more air where you want it.

Cooler Master GeminII

With the cooler installed on the motherboard we can see just how much of the board is covered.

Cooler Master GeminII RAM Clearence

Looking from the side we can see how much clearance there is under the cooler. Since the RAM slots are typically going to be under the cooler the height of the RAM can not exceed 45mm (1.7 inches) tall. You would be able to just barely get a pair of Corsair dominators under the cooler, but it would be one close fit. Don’t even think about a set of OCZ Reaper HPC.

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