Cooler Master GeminII CPU Cooler Review

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Packing and external impressions

Cooler Master GeminII Box Art

The GeminII comes packed in a simple box with a window up front showing off the heatpipe arrangement.

Cooler Master GeminII looking inside the box

Inside the box the GeminII is snugly held in place inside a plastic clamshell.

Cooler Master GeminII Cooler and Mounting Hardware

With everything out of the box we can see all the hardware one would need to mount the GeminII on to Socket AM2/754/939/940/LGA775 CPU.

Looking from the top of the Cooler Master GeminII

Looking closer at the top GeminII we can see all six heatpipes though the fins, the fan rail mount holes and the fin X brace support. The support is nice for keeping the cooler rigid when you are not using fans, but it does take up a fair amount of space that could restrict air flow.

Cooler Master GeminII Base

Looking from the side we can see how 20 of the GeminII’s 53 fins taper down to form the base. The hole in the center is nice as it lightens the over all weight of the cooler and allows for another path for air to move through.

Cooler Master GeminII

Looking at the underside of the cooler we can get a good feel of how the cooler is arranged. Unlike most coolers the base of the GeminII is not centered, but instead shoved to one corner.

Close up of the Cooler Master GeminII Base

Looking a little closer at the base after removing the protective film we can see the finish of the base. It has a rather nice looking surface that is free of machine marks. As you can see in the image it’s not a highly polished mirror finish but still rather nice, I have seen worse.

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