Convar BytePac Eco-Friendly Paper Hard Drive Enclosure Review

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BytePac Kit Contents

As you may have noticed in the video, not everything that comes in the kit is comprised of cardboard.
Depending on the BytePac model you choose, it comes equipped with
several accessories to provide the means to attach the housed drive to a
PC. We received the kit has three BytePac enclosures, along with an eSATA/USB connection pieces.

Bytepac Labels

Packaged along with the enclosures, are labels that can be affixed to the outside to identify the drive contents. It’s a pretty nice extra to have and there are a variety of colors.

Bytepac Manual

Included also is a graphical instruction sheet to illustrate how to set everything up which. It’s all very simple as we’ll walk through on the next page.

Bytepac Cables

In the bundle are all the cables you’ll need to connect a drive to a computer. You can attach via eSATA or USB 2.0. They also offer a USB 3.0 version as well but it’s not part of this kit. There’s a SATA data/power cable that connects to the drive as well as an AC adapter which, in our case, has a converter from the European plus to a U.S. standard plug.

Bytepac eSATA to USB

The USB to eSATA cable is very compact and handy to have, giving the enclosure some added flexibility.

Bytepac BiteSpotter

In the middle of all of the cables is a small ByteSpotter branded hub-like device they refer to as a PowerBox. It’s very compact and well labeled so it’s easy to tell where everything goes. Each of the components above can be replaced individually should they be lost or broken. This is very nice as it seems a lot of companies lately force consumers to buy an entire kit even if they only need a single piece. Plus, all are covered by a 5-year warranty. Of course these items are made of materials other than cardboard but there’s little alternative here and environmental impact is minimal as the cables are relatively short except for the AC adapter cable which has ample length.

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