Construction is Now Complete on Next-Generation Airship

Worldwide Aeros has completed the construction of what many are calling the next-generation of aircraft.  Headquarters in Southern California, Worldwide Aeros has finished building a 36,000-pound blimp airship designed for the military to use in remote areas. The company plans to show off the ship that is designed to carry up to 66 tons of cargo.

Worldwide Aeros

The Aeroscraft is being built under a contract of approximately $35 million from NASA and the Pentagon.  The craft is currently being housed in the former Marine Corps Air Station in Tustin, California.

Aeroscraft Airship

Worldwide Aeros’ Aeroscraft being built in Tustin is a zeppelin with a rigid skeleton made of aluminum and carbon fiber. A new type of “hybrid” aircraft that combines airplane and airship technologies, it doesn’t need a long runway to take off or land because it has piston engines that allow it to move vertically and a new high-tech buoyancy control system.


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