Cogage TRUE Spirit LGA1366 CPU Cooler

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Cogage TRUE Spirit

Overall, I’m happy with the TRUE Spirit. It performed well in our testing, and it even got within very close striking distance of its cousin, the Ultra-120 RT1366. This is nice to see for the fact that it’s lighter, thinner, and most importantly cheaper than its big cousin.

I have nothing bad to say about the TRUE Spirit, and if this is any indication what we can expect from Cogage then it’s good for the end user. Affordable, quality build, good performance — what is there to hate?

The Cogage TRUE Spirit can be found on our shopping link at $37.59 +shipping. With a little look through Google most enthusiasts will find the TRUE Spirit at their usual e-haunt for less than $40, a whole $20 cheaper than its cousin the Ultra-120 Extreme RT1366.

Legit Bottom Line: Good bang for buck, and that’s a good thing with the economy the way it is.

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