Cogage TRUE Spirit LGA1366 CPU Cooler

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Installing the TRUE Spirit

Cogage TRUE Spirit parts

The TRUE Spirit comes with everything needed to mount the cooler to your LGA1366 CPU.

Cogage TRUE Spirit mounting parts

In the bag is all the mounting hardware needed to mount the TRUE Spirit to your LGA1366 CPU. It includes silicon strips for fan isolators and a tube of Thermalright chill factor thermal paste.

Cogage TRUE Spirit fan

The fan of the TRUE Spirit is slightly different then your normal 120mm fan that ships with most CPU coolers. Most are 1200 RPM fans; the TRUE Spirit’s fan is an 1800 RPM fan. Even though the specs say the top end is 1500 RPM.

Cogage TRUE Spirit fan vibration strips

The TRUE Spirit comes with two silicon strips that have a sticky side. These go in between the fan and the cooler to take up vibrations and reduce noise. The cooler only comes with one set of strips and clips, you can buy extra sets for around $2 +shipping if you want to run a dual fan setup.

Cogage TRUE Spirit with fan mounted

Here we can see the TRUE Spirit with the fan mounted.

Cogage TRUE Spirit mounted

Installing the TRUE Spirit was simple and straight forward.

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