Cogage TRUE Spirit LGA1366 CPU Cooler

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A Closer Look at the TRUE Spirit

Cogage TRUE Spirit

With the TRUE Spirit free of the packing we can get a good look at it. There are 4 U-shaped copper heatpipes and 48 aluminum fins all bent into a proprietary winglet design.

Cogage TRUE Spirit winglet design

This design help minimize air resistance between the fins.

top of the Cogage TRUE Spirit

Looking from the top we can see that the TRUE Spirit has 4 small holes in the fins. This is for the spring clips for mounting the fan to the cooler. The TRUE Spirit comes with only two clips, so if you buy a second fan you will need spring clips as well.

Cogage TRUE Spirit compared to the Ultra-120

As I had mentioned before the TRUE Spirit design is very similar to the ever popular Thermalright Ultra-120 RT1366, or TRUE as some call it. In the above image you can see the two coolers next to one another; it is easy to spot the very similar design and their differences.

Cogage TRUE Spirit heatpipes

The lower part of the TRUE Spirit also follows the design of the Ultra-120. The big difference is the number of heatpipes and they are bare copper.

Cogage TRUE Spirit base

The base of the cooler is smooth with a slightly raised center just like the Ultra-120. The finish of the base is not the best, but it is smooth.

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