CoD: Infinite War “Shaolin Shuffle” Zombies map Launches

This week marked the launch of the second map pack for Call of Duty: Infinite War and along with that map pack came a new zombies map that is based on New York in the ’70s complete with kung fu fighting and special powers according to Kotaku. The map is called “Shaolin Shuffle” and it launched already for the PS4 game console. It will land next month for the Xbox One and PC gamers out there.

Your celebrity ally for the game is Pam Grier as Jacky Brown complete with kung fu fighting moves and a massive fro. There are four other characters who you can play as each with their elemental animal superpowers. The powers include dragon, tiger, crane, and snake.

The zombies are set in the same ’70s era and are complete with disco style. There are guns as well so you can shoot some zombies. Apparently one of the big boss battles has players fighting Rat King. To help get players invested in the new zombies map, there are character bios so you can learn more about the playable characters.

Character names include AJ, Andre, Poindexter, and Sally. The zombies maps are known as much for their Easter eggs as they are for zombie killing. As of yesterday the main Easter egg in “Shaolin Shuffle” had yet to be solved. Check out the video below for more details on the new zombies map.