Closing the Loop II: New Liquid Coolers from Corsair and Swiftech

The guys over at AnandTech did a write up on most of the new all in one liquid coolers. If you are looking at purchasing one of these units might want to head over to Anandtech before you make your purchase. Click here to read the review.

All in One Liquid Coolers

That we have three new closed loop coolers available for review not long after the last roundup should tell you that the closed loop cooler market is, if you’ll forgive the expression, heating up. On the heels of NZXT’s Kraken X40 and X60, Corsair has their own H90 and H110 coolers based on the same Asetek 140mm and 280mm radiators. Our newer, potentially even more exciting competitor comes from Swiftech in the form of the 240mm H220. Unlike conventional closed loop coolers, Swiftech’s entry uses high quality brass tubing and copper fins in the radiator along with their own specially designed pump and extra thick (yet still flexible hoses). Is it enough to shore up the difference between traditional 240mm radiators and monstrous 280mm ones?


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