Chinese Hackers Target The New York Times

The New York Times says that hackers in China have carried out sustained attacks on its computer systems, breaking in and stealing the passwords of high-profile reporters and other staff members for the past four months. Why would they be doing this? The Times says that the cyberattacks are retaliation for an investigation by the company into the wealth reportedly accumulated by relatives of the Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao. The Times have been monitoring the situation for months and just today went public about what has been going on for all these months. Pretty wild stuff and you can read about it all here

Wen Jiabao

The attackers first installed malware — malicious software — that enabled them to gain entry to any computer on The Times’s network. The malware was identified by computer security experts as a specific strain associated with computer attacks originating in China. More evidence of the source, experts said, is that the attacks started from the same university computers used by the Chinese military to attack United States military contractors in the past.


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