China Close To Testing Third Stealth Combat Drone

China’s stealth drone demonstrator called Lijian (Dark Sword or Sharp Sword depending on who you ask) has made its first public appearance. The craft is said to be highly maneuverable and capable of air-to-air combat. Sounds like we are a step closer to Skynet from Terminator. The fictional, self-aware artificial intelligence system that eventually takes over the world. You can see more images of China’s new stealth drone here.

Lijian Stealth Drone

Designed jointly by the Hongdu Aviation Industry Group and Shenyang Aviation Corporation, the Lijian (“sharp sword”) is China’s first stealth drone and the third in the world after the X-47 designed by the United States and France’s nEUROn. The Lijian program was launched in 2009 and the drone’s ground test was conducted on Dec. 13 last year.


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