Charter Getting Ready To Roll Out 60 Mbps Base Internet Service!

In the St. Louis area, Charter this month announced plans to move all its customers to digital service. Charter says that the Missouri and Southern Illinois all-digital upgrade is scheduled to begin in mid-January and run through mid-summer, with groups of customers transitioning to an all-digital network on a rolling basis. The switch eliminates analog service, which is a good thing. A single analog channel takes as much capacity as 14 digital stations. So digital means that Charter can move much more data through its cable “pipe.” Charter says it will use that space to double the speed of its standard residential service to 60/4 Mbps from 30/4 Mbps  later this year at no additional costs to customers. Charter also plans to add 79 HD TV channels, catching up to AT&T’s offerings on its U-verse service.

We heard online that many Charter residential and business  internet customers can already get these new speeds after a quick modem reboot. We tried it out and can confirm that after we restarted our DOCSIS 3.0 cable model that we were getting the free speed upgrade. It appears that Charter has silently started to roll out the speed boosts, so if you are a Charter customer you might want to reboot your cable modem and see what happens. You can run the Charter endorsed Ookla Speed Test to check out your before and after speeds.

We are happy to see that Charter doubled the download speeds from 30 Mbps to 60 Mbps, but very dissapointed that they left the upload speeds at 4 Mbps. That is still painfully slow and a PITA for people uploading video content. It is sad that you can upload a YouTube video faster on your phones 4G LTE network than you can at home on a powerful computer with a 60/4 internet connection!  Hopefully Charter will take note of this and their upload speed hits the double digits, especially with the Ultra 100 tier. AT&T says it plans to double its U-verse Internet speeds by the end of next year, which is currently 45 Mbps in most areas. Charter is trying to stay on top, but next year they’ll have to move to 100Mbps in order to do so for their base internet package.

Charter Speed Test

Speeds from the next morning:

  • Pixelsmack

    It’s so crappy. I only have Charter in Burbank for internet. (U-Verise is insanely slow down and up) I pay $99 a month for 100mb down, and still, STILL, only 5mb UPLOAD. It’s criminal. FTC should look in to this. I can’t believe Charter is getting away with THREE tiers that ALL have the same upload speed.

    Time Warner Cable gets you a max of 30mp up last I checked. Which is pretty much the normal for most services across the country, at the premium level.

    I can’t YouTube lives stream or Steam live stream at 5mb. It’s CRAP quality. It’s 2015 and I’m stuck at 2002 upload speeds. This is asinine.

  • Jimmy Neutron

    The reason they do not give you higher upload speeds, and I quote, “If you are not a business, you do not need a higher upload speed.” Then I was told that if they gave a higher upload speed, you would possibly be able to make money or host your own stuff on it taking money away from their website hosting partners. They will not let you make money with their internet unless they get a piece which is why upload speed takes so much money to get something decent. I own a computer shop and talk to Charter constantly. And now that internet freedom is gone, they will probably block hosting ports if they do upgrade the upload speeds so you cannot make money with it.

  • lincoln

    It’s business, I would love fast internet but until the market has other companies willing to invest into the framework, Charter will continue to feed us their scraps…upgrading speeds in limited increments as to not lose too many customers in their near monopoly for high speed internet (in some places mind you).

  • ziffster1

    rolling out roll-60Mb/s on “DOCSIS 3.0” in 2014 just when CableLabs Releases the DOCSIS 3.1 Specification

    that’s really maximizing your cable modem’s inventory to the max… well not really it can do 100Mb/s fine

    by Karl Bode 07:18PM Wednesday Oct 30 2013

    “DOCSIS 3.1 is expected to be about 50% more efficient than DOCSIS 3.0, courtesy of the use of orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) and low density parity-check (LDPC) Forward Error Correction (FEC) technology. 3.1 will not only support larger spectrum bands, it’s expected to be able to scale in order to offer downstream speeds of 10 Gbps and upstream speeds of 1 Gbps (shared).
    However, initial DOCSIS 3.1 modems are “only” expected to support 4-5 Gbps downstream and 1 Gbps upstream, in large part due to the fact they’ll be hybrid modems also tasked with supporting the DOCSIS 3.0 standard.”

  • Jerry Simon

    What Really Amazes Me Is That The USA Should Be #1 In Every Thing! “NOT THE CASE IN TOO MANY THINGS”!

    • 15lizzy

      No one can be best at everything. Specially when you start looking at the number of residents in the USA vs others. Its a lot cheaper and easier to be the best when you’re only taking care of 10 people than 1,000.


    Unbelievable that these companies are even able to do this to their customer base. I “have to” use this piss poor excuse of an internet connection because it is all that’s available and they know it, so they throttle the bandwidth.

    I can’t wait for something like google fiber to come to my town here in MI. so I can say hello to 1GB up and down and say good bye to these corporate cock ups that have cornered the internet market long enough….

    • Rampakslue

      I’m sorry to say that Google fiber isn’t really GBps but is 1 Gbps. The difference? GBps is gigabyte per second. Gbps is gigabit per second. one byte = 8 bits. So 1 megabyte is 8 megabit. so really, google fiber is 125 Mebabytes per second or faster. That’s pretty good considering the fastest none google is only 100 Mbps or 12.5 MBps. 🙂


        I’m aware of it, but the fact that companies are able to gimp you along we this trickle feeding crap of services is what angers me.

        Like scalping/price gouging like this is a normal and or legal practice.

  • valy

    in romania, next month will be introduced the 1000MB fiber internet…with television and free talk around 30 dolars a month

    • just me

      its hard to believe but i already have the 100 mb fiber link…for 13 dolars a month

      • another opinion

        If you think Google is going to spend its money going to a has been state like Michigan, you can keep dreaming. They are going to invest in growing areas. Your lucky you can even get broadband in your area.

  • mastaful

    I was excited until i realized you meant 60Mb and not 60MB…… HUGE difference…stupid