CES 2014: Powercolor AMD R9 290X Liquid Cooled & PCS+ R290X Graphics Cards

Powercolor was on hand at CES 2014 and were showing off some of their new products there. The one I found most interesting was their water cooled R9 290X. I don’t doubt that water cooling a AMD R9 290X will dramatically lower the temperatures and improve the performance.

CES 2014 Powercolor Suite

They weren’t limited to the Liquid Cooled card though. They also were showing off their R9 270X and their new PCS+ products. The PowerColor PCS+ graphics cards comes in two different flavors, the R9 290X as well as the R9 290 graphics cores. Which ever of the cores you decide to run with the cooling is going to be top notch. The Power Color PCS+ cards each feature a trio fan design the drops the temperature by as much as 24% and the noise is reduced by as much as 17%. Check out the full press release here.

“The newest R9 290X/ 290 are employed PowerColor exclusive PCS+ trio fan design, which combines three 8015 fans, two sets of aluminum cooling fin and total 5pcs heat pipes design, offers superb cooling performance which is 24% cooler and 17% quieter than ref. design. To give the cards a real luxury feel, the PCS+ R9 290X/ 290 are built with metal back plate and metal shroud, totally make it one-of-a-kind.”