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Ventev Brings Several New Mobile Chargers

Working to help resolve power needs of mobile devices, Ventev is announcing several new models of chargers at CES 2014.

The UtilityCharger 2100 is both a wall and car charger for mobile devices.  It is capable of charging two devices at a time, whether it is a tablet or smartphone.  It features an unfolding 12V DC vehicle accessory plug and an AC wall plug.  Finally, to connect to the device, it has integrated cable wrap system to keep the cables nearby.

Ventev Utilitycharger 2100

The Powercell 6000+ is a powerful 6000 mAh Li-ion battery with dual USB charge ports.  It is powerful enough to charge multiple devices at the same time, to maximum capacity several times.  A 1A port will provide a standard charge to a smartphone, while the other 2.1A will provide a rapid charge to a smartphone or tablet.  When in storage, the Powercell 6000+ will hold it’s charge for up to 6 months.

Ventev Powercell 6000+

The new Dashport R2240 is very simply a dual device charger for the car.  With two USB ports, two smartphones can charge at the same time with its maximum charge rate of 2.4A.  The dual USB ports have LEDs which will make it easy to plug in your USB cable.

Ventev Dashport r2240

Ventev products are available at 

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