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Gunnar – Computer and Gaming Eyewear

When Gunnar first came on the scene in 2008, their goal was to reduce eye strain for computer users.  With amber tinted lenses with an anti-glare coating they quickly became an important company in world where computer usage was exploding.  Since then, they have greatly expanded their product line and enhanced the technology behind the glasses.

Gunnar Intercept New Colors

The Intercept line is the low cost line, without sacrificing Gunnar quality and features.  Previously the Intercept line was only available in Onyx, a solid black.  Now, that line has expanded to provide more options with five new colors:  Cobalt, Fire, Kryptonite, Ghost and Ink; Blue, Red, Green, White and Purple.  In my opinion, they look very similar to the classic Ray Ban, with a semi-transparent frame.

Intercept Cobalt

Made out of engineering grade polymers, they are designed to be worn for long hours.  They include the well known Gunnar amber lens, in a larger format to provide a wide viewing field.  

These are currently only available through, and has a retail price of $59.99; however when they go on sale, they can be purchased for around $44.99.

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