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TP-Link Brings Us Two New SOHO Wireless Products

TP-Link was showing off two new products in their growing line of 802.11AC products.  802.11AC is becoming popular, but it is still very new and expensive technology.  If you’re not familiar with AC, it basically uses Dual-Band technology which can run simultaneously, but the client will connect to either the 5GHz band or 2.4GHz band.  AC ends up being about 3 times faster than N on the 5GHz band.

The first new product in their line is the AC1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router, which again features the latest 802.11AC WiFi technology.  Inside the AC1900 you’ll find the fastest speeds on the market today; 1.3Gbps over the 5GHz frequency and 600Mbps over 2.4GHz.  On the AC1900 you can find the traditional 4 gigabit ports and a USB 3.0 port to allow for a simple NAS solution.

TP-Link at Pepcom 2014

You should be able to find this new AC router for $179.99 in Q2 2014.

Because we’re always on the move with our mobile gadgets, the Beamforming technology built into the AC1900 can only work to a certain level.  What you will end up needing to do next, if your throughput isn’t up to par, is get a wireless extender, which moves us onto the TL-WPA4220KIT that was also shown at Pepcom.

Most end users end up wanting to utilize the faster speeds of the 5GHz band, but that frequency fades off much quicker than 2.4GHz, which leads us into The TL-WPA4220KIT:  An Ethernet over Powerline device that can extend your WiFi network, and with ease.  The TL-WPA4220KIT will intelligently grab the settings from your AC1900, with the touch of a button, and clone them so you don’t have to do any additional configuration.  Talk about user friendly, right?

TP-Link at Pepcom 2014

Expect to find this kit here in the First Quarter of 2014 for $59.99.

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