CES 2013: Swiftech Plans to Launch New H220 AIO Water Cooler

With CES 2013 right around the corner, there is no doubt going to be a lot of new products being highlighted over the next few days. One of them is the latest AIO water cooler from Swiftech. The Swiftech H220 features a 2x120mm radiator and comes prefilled so it’s ready to install into a system! One of the things that will separate the H220 apart from the competition is the expansion capabilities of the system. This means that we can add in extra cooling for the chipset or graphics cards! It looks like the H220 has some good things going for it, be sure to check back for updates as we see them at CES 2013!

CES 2013 Swiftech H220 Water Cooler

User convenience and the vast movement of novice builders towards liquid cooling was a critical consideration in the H220 design. It dictated that the kit would be pre-filled and completely plug-and-play. As a result, tuning and operations are as simple as using a regular CPU cooler. But with a 15 year heritage serving the enthusiast community, we also wanted to eliminate some of the limitations of the existing low-cost systems which are unable to accommodate add-on components because (a) they are sealed-up and offer no means to refill the system without voiding the warranty, and (b) the type of pump they use is not adequate to drive sufficient flow to cool more than a CPU.

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