CES 2013: Seagate, Antec, Intel, A-Data, Digital Storm, Sapphire & More

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Sapphire and Digital Storm


As we mentioned in the opening, not much is happening on the PC front and Sapphire didn’t have a lot new to show us but did have one item of interest.


They offer a line of Edge VS Mini-ITX systems but due to customer inquiries, they’ve come out with a DIY version, allowing you to add the CPU, RAM, and and 2.5″ storage drive of your choice. They didn’t give us pricing but it should be available first quarter. These are perfect for those that only have modest computing needs like internet, mail, light games, and office documents.

Digital Storm:

We offered up the press release of the new Aventum II PC from Digital Storm which looks impressive on paper but not as much so as in person. The thing is massive yet still has a svelte elegance about it.

Digital Storm

Featuring liquid cooling via nickel plated copper piping and red lighting, you can tell it means business and can handle just about anything you can throw at it. The piping gives it increased durability along with a look rarely found in a PC. Robert. the rep we met with at Digital Storm, told us this is a mostly finished prototype but they are still tweaking the final design and a such, there is no ETA on a release date just yet.

Digital Storm

You can add nearly two dozen fans and dual power supplies along with three 360mm radiators. A display on the side gives status readouts of the pertinent performance information. Pricing wasn’t given either but the previous version started at $5k so we expect a similar starting point for the second generation.

Digital Storm

If big isn’t your thing, they also have a very small profile yet powerful line of PC’s with their improved Bolt models. It has a custom chassis to make for one of the thinnest yet powerful high-end gaming PC systems on the market at 3.6″ wide and 14″ tall. The one above has custom graphics but metallic dark grey gunmetal matte finish or pearl white matte finish with black vents are the default options now. Also improved is the airflow and cooling which was a sore point with the early models. Starting at $1000, they are highly customizable with some very nice high-end options.

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