CES 2013: NVIDIA Shield Tegra 4 Hand Held Gaming Platform

Right now NVIDIA is holding their press conference in Las Vegas NV. at CES 2013 and they just announce their latest project. It may not be exactly what you expect from NVIDIA, to the sadness of many it isn’t the GeForce GTX 700 series. They just announce the NVIDIA Shield, a hand held gaming device capable of much more than strictly gaming! Powered by the latest NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor (also announced tonight) it can run games, stream video, music, and just about everything else. Unlike some of the handheld gaming device, there are no proprietary connections, the shield features standard USB, HDMI, as well as a SD Card so you can expand your storage. NVIDIA was able to run a 4K movie from the NVIDIA Shield to LG’s latest 4K TV, and it looked great! The Shield is built on the Android platform and uses the latest Android platform. In addition to being able to run the games from the device, you can connect to your PC,nvidiashield1_480

Above we can see NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun connecting the NVIDIA Shield to their computer to take advantage of the graphics power of their desktop featuring the NVIDIA GTX 680 Graphics card. Later he connected to the Google Play store and Steam to access games! We will bring updates on the Shield as we find them out! Stay tuned for more CES 2013 Coverage!


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