CES 2013 – CES Unveiled Media Kickoff Event Coverage

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HzO WaterBlock Technology

Have you ever accidentally dropped or spilled liquid on your brand new phone or electronic device, only to find out that it is now done for?  HzO has come up with a very slick solution to keep your phone’s vital components “dry.”

HzO WaterBlock Demo

HzO has developed a revolutionary coating, called WaterBlock, that can go on sensitive electronics, to keep conductive liquids from destroying the components.  This coating will strictly go on the electronic components themselves, and will not go on the outside of the device.  Basically what that means is, you won’t be applying this to your own device at this time, the manufacturer will.  HzO’s WaterBlock coating will help keep your device looking like it should from the factory, which also will not interfere with any connectors the device may have.  


HzO was showing off a couple iPhones and other Samsung smartphones, completely submerging them in anything from beer, to orange juice, to just plain old water.  These devices continued to work while submerged, though you could see that the conductive liquids made the device work on its own.

HzO Submerged

HzO has mentioned that there are only two companies who have this product in use, which are a NAVELite Compass and a phone that is to be released by Tag Heuer.  They are working with other manufacturers to make this more widely available on the devices of tomorrow.

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