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ION Audio, Griffin, And Cord Cruncher

ION Audio – iDJ 2 Go

ION Audio has a neat little device with their iDJ 2 Go which allows you to spin and mix like a professional DJ on your iOS device. Just install the iDJ2GO app (free) and you can start mixing up tracks with a number of different options. You can spin it live, record mixes for later use, or if you don’t feel like doing the work yourself you can enable Automix mode to mix your tunes automatically. The layout is very much like the two-decks-and-a-mixer setup like the pros use complete with two scratch wheels, a crossfader, among others.

Currently, it connections your via a built-in 30-pin connector but they will be releasing a new model this spring, the iDJ 2 Go Plus that will support the new lightning dock connector.Works seamlessly with Algoriddim’s djay app (sold separately).

Griffin – Crayola Light Marker

The Crayola Light Marker is what Griffin terms as an “entirely new digital play experience for the 21st century”. A glowing crayon shaped “pen” works in combination with an iOS app to bring out the creativity in kids by allowing them to magically color and paint to directly the iPad. It works by the front facing camera detecting the Light Marker’s movement which is translated to strokes on the screen.

Crayola Light Marker

It also includes different interactive activities such as Dot to Dot, Paint Splatter, Coloring Pages, Puzzles, Hide ‘N Seek, and Free Draw. It should will be available this spring for $29.99 and associated Light Marker app will be free via Apple’s App Store. Currently, they do not have plans to offer the app on the Android platform (we asked!).

Moxytronix – Cord Cruncher Earbuds

A common problem with headphone cables is that they get tangled up easily, making them an annoyance every time you get them out. The folks over at Moxytronix feel the same way so they came up with a unique design with their ear buds to make sure this never happens. Called CordCrunchers, they employ an elastic sleeve to “crunch” (fold) the cord until stretched out to a length of your choosing. While you cannot us their sleeve on your own pair of ear buds, they offer a variety of colors and ear tip sizes to fit almost any ear and tastes.

Cord Crunchers

According the to rep we spoke to, they expect the sleeve to last for years without fear of wear from use. Since they are made from 95% protein-free, medical grade latex rubber, those with latex allergies might want to steer clear! They are available now for $25 and can be ordered through their website here.

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