CES 2010: NVIDIA Shows GeForce GF100 Fermi Video Card

Three months on since we got details of NVIDIA’s upcoming flagship graphics card, the elusive GeForce GF100 is spotted at CES press event running a DirectX 11 game demo! Read on to see it in action.

NVIDIA shows GeForce GF100

With the 2010 edition of CES kicking off tomorrow, we headed to the Digital Experience press only event to get a preview of what will be on display this week. While we saw many things that caught our eye, nothing could top the live demo of NVIDIA’s upcoming flagship. NVIDIA had the GeForce GF100, or Fermi if you like, up and running the Unigine DirectX 11 benchmark Heaven. Performance numbers are hard to come by on the GeForce GF100, but we overheard someone saying that it is around 36% faster than ATI’s Radeon HD 5870. When asked to confirm the number, NVIDIA could not comment. We also heard a rumored launch date of March 2nd, 2010 from various people at the show, so it looks like the graphics card is close to coming out.

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