CES 2008: OCZ Introduces Flex2, 32GB Flash, SSD’s and More

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32GB Flash Drives – ATV and Rally 2

OCZ intends to make mobile storage more accessible than ever with a new and improved Rally Flash drive called the Rally2 and higher capacity ultra-durable ATV flash drives. Both of these Flash drives are now available in 32GB capacities as seen below.

OCZ Rally2 USB Flash drive

The all-new OCZ Rally2 USB Flash drive is an even faster version of the highly awarded Rally2

OCZ 32GB ATV Flash Drive

When it comes to pricing OCZ said that the Rally2 and ATV USB Flash drives are going to launch with an MSRP between $200 and $250, which is a pretty penny, but you are getting a massive Flash drive!

OCZ Sims 2 USB Flash Drive

If capacity doesn’t matter to you they have a Rally USB Flash Drive that comes with the game “The Sims 2” that will be coming out soon too.  It is cool to see memory companies start to bundle things with their flash drives other than backup recovery software or office applications.

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