CES 2008: Kingston Showcases Four New Flash Drives

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DataTraveler Style & HyperX

Kinston’s DataTraveler Style features a customizable skin. Consumers will be able to use a website developed by Kingston that will aid users in printing their name or whatever they would like on their Style’s skin. The DataTraveler Style will be available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB & 8GB capacities.

Kinston DataTraveler 400

The Style will ship with 6 different skins to attach to the flash drive. Kingston’s DataTraveler Style will be available exclusively on Amazon.com in the near future.

Kinston DataTraveler 400

Lastly, but certainly not least, the DataTraveler HyperX is Kingston’s new performance king of the DataTraveler product line by featuring 30 MB/sec read speeds and 20 MB/sec write speeds according to Kingston. The Kingston HyperX series has long been reserved as enthusiast grade DRAM, but Kingston has made the move to bring the HyperX name to Flash memory. Kingston will keep the HyperX tradition alive and offer the fastest read and write speeds on the DataTraveler HyperX series.

Kinston DataTraveler 400

The DataTraveler HyperX will be offered in 2GB, 4GB & 8GB capacities and should be available exclusively on Amazon.com starting in about a week. The DataTraveler HyperX as well as all of the other USB Flash drives shown here today come with a five year warranty.

Kinston DataTraveler 400

So, how much will these brand new products cost? Well, here are Kingston’s MSRPs for each of these products and each of their capacities!

Kingston DataTraveler MSRP

DataTraveler 110 1GB Purple $12
DataTraveler 110 2GB Blue $21
DataTraveler 110 4GB Red $35
DataTraveler 110 8GB Green $104
DataTraveler 400 2GB $31
DataTraveler 400 4GB $56
DataTraveler 400 8GB $137
DataTraveler Style 1GB $16
DataTraveler Style 2GB $27
DataTraveler Style 4GB $54
DataTraveler Style 8GB $111
DataTraveler HyperX 2GB $74
DataTraveler HyperX 4GB $131
DataTraveler HyperX 8GB $266

More to come on these drives when we find out more about them!

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