CES 2008: Jabra Unveils New Luxury Headsets

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Jabra’s BT8030 & BT8040

The next product we had a chance to look at was Jabra’s BT8030 which is a combined Bluetooth speaker and headphone.  You can listen to music from your mobile phone, your computer or audio player.  There is even a built-in microphone so that you can make phone calls.  Jabra even gave the headset speakerphone capability. Weighing in at close to 11 ounces, Jabra claims the BT8030 can stream stereo music for up to 32 hours with an astonishing standby time of 600 hours!

Jabra BT8030 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

The BT8030 was designed to connect to your favorite Bluetooth mobile device as well as stream music from any music device using the A2DP Bluetooth profile. The Jabra engineers created a design that could transform from headphone to speakers at the flick of the wrist.  The Jabra BT8030 has a retail price of $249, but can be found for as little as $150 at online retailers today. Obviously, we can imagine using this headset while traveling or anywhere you need some quick tunes for you or your entire office!

Jabra BT8030 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

The BT8040 is another new Bluetooth headset from Jabra that was announced and released during CES. It features your standard hands-free calling capabilities for your mobile phone as well as having A2DP enabled to stream your music from capable devices.  The headset weighs less than a half an ounce and features a DSP  with Intelligent volume control and Acoustic Shock Protection that safeguards the ear from loud, and sudden noises.  Jabra reports talk time for the BT8040 at around 6 hours with a standby time of over 200.

Jabra BT8040 Bluetooth Headset

Jabra also was showing the BT3030 a “dog-tag” remote control (sorry, no pictures yet) that gives you control over your favorite Bluetooth-enabled MP3 or mobile phone.

As you can see, Jabra has some exciting products in store for us in 2008.  We hope to get our hands on one or more of these devices for a full-fledged and in-depth look back at our Legit Review Headquarters.

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