CES 2007 – Day Three Show Coverage From Las Vegas

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FSP Shows Off Smallest 1000W Power Supply

FSP KingCraft 1000W Power Supply

When it comes to power supplies FSP Group (Fortron Source) might not be a brand name that pops into your head, but that doesn’t mean you already don’t know about them.  Many of the Aopen, OCZ Technology GameXStream and Sparkle power supplies are actually made by FSP and then relabeled later down the road.  When we visited with FSP during CES we were able to see the the new Kingcraft 1000W power supply that just made it into the United States this week. 

FSP Kingcraft 1000W PSU

Not only is this power supply small it packs a mean punch as it offers four 20A +12V rails for a max combined power output of 70A, which is more than enough to handle a pair of NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX graphic cards. It’s good to see that power supplies are starting to become smaller and still offer four rails and decent ratings!

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