CES 2007 – Day Three Show Coverage From Las Vegas

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Zalman Shows Off Cooling Gear and 3D Displays

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In the Zalman booth we found their current line of high-end cooling components but nothing really that we don’t already know about. They had a few things that we hadn’t seen before which was a custom acrylic case from Danger Den that does a wonderful job of showing off those awesome heatsinks.

Zalman MFC2

In the photo above you can also see a new fan controller that is still unreleased. Among the normal RPM display, adjust, temp, and alarm features is a unique display of system power use. By tapping in on the outlet plug of the system power cable they are able to offer a realtime display of actual power consumption, similar to the stand alone devices that we use here on our test benches. Zalman feels it’s important for the consumer to be more informed about how much power they are actually using, or not using.

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Here we see one of their recently released CNPS9700 LED heatsinks loaded onto an Intel Bad Axe motherboard, along with their ZM-NBF47 northbridge cooler. You can also see their current high end (non Fatal1ty) VGA heatsink, the VF900-Cu LED.

Zalman 3D LCD

However the most impressive thing I saw today was their LCD’s. This was not just another LCD, this was a true 3d LCD. By utilizing the power of NVIDIA’s 3D Stereo technology they are able to create a viewing experience I had no idea existed. They are still working out the details and LCD specs but had two working displays that had the crowd smiling.

The only way to really describe it is to say that it adds so much more depth of field to what’s being displayed on screen that it’s like playing a different game. The only downside I can see in the approach is the necessity for special glasses to filter the frames being drawn specifically for each eye. This is only a minor hiccup though and pales in comparison to the experience. No prices or dates have been promised but Zalman is expecting to launch it later this year and is committed to getting this on the market to enhance your gaming experience in ways that you may not believe until you see it.

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