CES 2007 – Day Three Show Coverage From Las Vegas

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Antec MX-1 and Stainless Steel Cases

Antec P190 Dual Link Power Supplies

To help cool the pair of power supplies Antec placed one of their 92mm fans right in of the power supplies that will provide improved airflow into the pair of power supplies.

Antec P190 Dual Link PSU Case

Looking at the rear of the P190 one can see the dual power supplies as well as the pair of 140mm fans on the top and the 120mm fan on the rear of the case.  These three fans are variable speed and controlled outside the case with the black three-way switches seen just below at the very top of the back panel. The P190 also features water pipe outlets for mounting external water cooling hardware that is sure to be popular this year. Lastly, with the right side sound-deadend panel removed one can see that the motherboard tray has been moved in half an inch to allow for better cable management with cable ties.  The Antec P190 is going to be priced around $499, which is a killer price considering that the PC Power & Cooling 1000W power supply costs $599.99 and doesn’t even come with a case!

Antec Stainless Steel P182 ATX Case

Antec was also showing off a prototype case that is based off the P182, but features a black finish inside and stainless steel on the sides. Antec does not know if this case will come to market and is also unsure on the price as it depends on what kind of stainless steel is going to be used.  The stainless steel used in the case pictured above is from Japan, which tends to be more expensive and higher quality.  If Antec had to guess the price on this case with no power supply would be roughly $219.99 if it ever makes it to the market.

Antec MX-1 Hard Drive

Other than computer cases Antec was showing off their latest hard drive enclosure called the MX-1, which has a patented blower fan to keep the hard drive nice and cool. The enclosure supports up to 750GB drives and features USB2.0 and eSATA outputs which can transfer data up to 3Gbps. 


When it comes to power supplies Antec will be releasing an 850W and 1000W models really soon with a custom paint motif. Antec asked us not to release any pictures of the paint job right now, but did give us the nod the specifications. The upcoming Antec TruePower Quattro 850W and 1000W power supplies both feature four +12V rails and plenty of power for the latest and greatest hardware.  Looking up the UL number (E176105) the unit is UL certified to Antec, so no word on who the ODM was as of yet.

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