CES 2006: Pictures of Hot Products

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Avega’s IP Speakers

Avega Speakers


What makes these speakers so interesting is their integration. The speakers use your existing 802.11 wireless network to stream your audio from speaker to speaker. Simply hook up your DVD player or receiver to the center channel and provide power to the satellite speakers and your done. The center channel sends the digital signal from your SPDIF output to the other speakers where it is decoded at each location. This means that you don’t have to buy a 5.1 system. You can buy just 3 speakers and then later on simply add more speakers. Your audio can grow at any point. What makes this system really cool is the OEM solution that Avega is working to provide. This consists of the WIFI receiver and transmitter as well as the decoding hardware and amplifier. So any speaker maker can use these to instantly make their speaker wireless. Not only that but you can use the unit to plug in and power your existing speakers, no need to upgrade! After spending some time talking to the folks from Avega I can tell you that they are already in talks with some of the PC markets largest players, so look for wireless speakers based on this technology from some of your preferred brands in the future.

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