CellShock DDR2 1000 2GB Memory Kit

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The Product: PC2-8000, 2GB kit

The Cell Shock DDR2 1000 Memory Kit

Here is a bit from the specs page at their site:


DDR2 1000 (PC8000)




2,1V – 2,3V


Micron D9GKX 64Mx8


8-layer, 240pin


5 years

Looking at these specs, we can see that it is rated to run 4-4-4-12 at 2.1-2.3v.  That is a pretty wide variance there, and if you look at our last ECS motherboard review here, you will see that not all motherboards can do 2.3v, as the ECS tops out at 2.2v. 

Interesting to note, is that this ram is built on an 8-layer PCB.  Also very interesting is that it carries a 5-year warranty.  This is interesting because most enthusiast branded DDR is coming with a lifetime warranty these days.  But, it should be noted, I have not had a DDR kit that I have kept anywhere near 5 years.  I change it more than my underwear.  (Just kidding!)

The chips on the Cell Shock kit are Micron D9 chips, which are still some of the best performing DDR2 chips available.

As you can see, the Cell Chock kit comes in a typical plastic package with all the information about the product on the front of the package.  Inside the package is a 2-page instruction manual. 

Looking at the modules themselves, it is easy to see that the Cell Shock design for the heat-spreaders is a simple, yet classy. 

The heat-spreader is heavy duty!  You can feel the quality just holding these things in your hand!

Holding the heat-spreaders on are a few Allen head screws.  I was just totally impressed with the build quality of this kit!  As you can see on the label here, this set is designed to run at DDR2 8000 speeds, at timings of 4-4-4-12.

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