Case Labs Mercury S3 Mini-ITX PC Case Now Shipping

Case Labs has started shipping their Mercury S3 Mini-ITX PC chassis, so those that have been waiting since they per-ordered it in February are in luck. General orders are being shipped in the order they are received. The Case Labs Mercury S3 Mini-ITX case retails for $199 and measures in at 14.94″H x 10.54″W x 15.03″D (380mm x 268mm x 382mm). This mini-ITX case is a bit larger than others on the market and has been well received by those wanting to run a push-pull radiator in a small form factor chassis.

Mercury S3 Mini-ITX Case

CaseLabs Mercury S3 Mini-ITX Case Standard Features:

  • Aluminum Construction
  • Removable Motherboard Plate
  • Anti-Vandal Style LED Power and Reset Switches and sleeved cables
  • Top Cover: Solid or Ventilated
  • Left Door: Solid or Ventilated
  • Right Door: Solid or Ventilated
  • Chassis Top: 240/280 Integrated or Drop-In Style (Drop-in Mounts are not included)
  • One HDD Mount & Anti-vibration Hardware
  • One Dual SSD Mount
  • Two sets of 5.25” Device Mounts (MAC-125) [No substitutions]
  • One set of 5.25 Short Adjustable Mounts (MAC-213) [No substitutions]
  • Flex-Bay Covers: One triple, one double and two single (solid).
  • PCI Covers
  • Misc: Thumb screws, MB standoffs, Tie Wraps, Plugs, Grommets, Extra parts, Owner’s Manual.
  • Ships fully assembled (Flat-pack shipments available for international orders).
  • Choice of Color: Black, White Matte, or Primer Gray

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