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Meet the Case Labs Magnum M8

Every time we think the market is fully saturated with every possible computer component anyone could possibly need, a new manufacturer comes on the scene to surprise us.   Case Labs has a fast growing underground following on several of the extreme enthusiast forums so we asked if we could see what all the buzz was about.  They sent us over what is currently their most popular model, the Case Labs MAGNUM M8.

Case Labs Logo
Case Labs Magnum M8
Case Labs, based in Canoga Park California, was started about a year ago by Jim Keating after frustration with the quality and features available from cases on the market.  Jim’s father, an aerospace engineer during the space program, started a custom enclosure making  business back in 1971 for electronic, military, medical, and industrial applications.  So when they needed to build a new workstation for engineering design and image rendering, finding an appropriate case proved to be the most challenging part of the project. The overwhelming majority of cases on the market impose strict design constraints; the choices for mounting hardware and cooling systems are very limited and they wanted a design where the user was able to have almost unlimited modularity and flexibility.   While they had the facility to make custom parts on the fly they realized most PC enthusiast do not and figured they could put their talents to use making the ultimate PC case.  The goal was to make probably the last case you would ever need to buy.
M8 in white
Building on the success with the M8, Case Labs added to their line up based on user feedback from the enthusiast community.  The M10 has the same dimensions as the M8 on the outside but supports a larger mATX – XL-ATX (13.60″ x 10.75”) (346mm x 273mm) motherboards where the Magnum M8 supports the more common mATX – ATX/EATX (12.0″ x 10.75”) size.  The MH10 is deeper than the M8 by 6″ where the T10 is taller by 6″.  Finally the TH10 is both taller and deeper by 6″ in each direction.  All of these cases are available in powder coated black matte or white gloss inside and out.  For more color options Case Labs has teamed up with FTW PC  to offer custom powder coated colors for an additional fee of $274.00 for an M8 Case.
Currently you can only purchase the Case Labs MAGNUM cases directly from Case Labs ( or from FTW PC.

Case Labs current line up of MAGNUM cases:


$359.95 Plus Shipping

$379.95 Plus Shipping

$439.95 Plus Shipping

$439.95 Plus Shipping

$479.95 Plus Shipping

There are a few other cases that are in the prototype phase including a more traditional 9″ wide single bay case and the “Godzilla” dual motherboard four PSU TX10. 

Magnum M8 Features (standard equipment) 

  • All aluminum construction – .090″ (2.3mm) chassis .063″(1.6mm) doors/covers
  • Choice of ventilated or solid doors and covers (on a panel by panel basis).
  • Slide out MB tray.
  • Choice of one HDD cage assembly (4 drive capacity): either standard or Flex-Bay mount. Note that the flex-bay mount deletes one of the 3U bay covers.
  • Choice of hex mesh or 40mm fan holes on MB back plate.
  • Dual PSU mounts (Support bracket available: MAC-123)
  • Integrated radiator/fan mount
  • Four single bay filler plates and two triple bay cover plates.
  • Filler plates for top and bottom radiator openings, 40mm fan openings on MB tray (if selected), PCI slots, and one PSU.
  • Four sets of mounting brackets for 5.25” devices (MAC-125)
  • Lamptron anti-vandal style switches (power & reset) and wiring harnesses: blue ring for power and red dot for HDD activity. They are standard switches that can be easily swapped out for custom color combinations.
  • Four rubber feet with screws (casters are available: MAC-107).
  • Misc. hardware: Thumbscrews, MB standoffs, Tie-wraps, etc.
  • Available in black matte or white gloss
  • Warranty: 1 year on electronics, 5 Years on the case itself

Case Configuration Options:

  • ATX Layout: Standard (N/C), Reverse ($20.00)
  • MB Door: Ventilated (N/C), Solid (N/C), Std. Window ($15.00), XL Window ($20.00)
  • PSU Door: Ventilated (N/C), Solid (N/C), Std. Window ($15.00), XL Window ($20.00)
  • Top Cover: Ventilated (N/C), Solid (N/C), Tall Ventilated 64mm ($25.00), Tall Solid 64mm ($25.00), Tall Ventilated 85mm ($35.00), Tall Solid 85mm ($35.00)
  • MB Back Plate: Fan Holes (N/C), Hex Mesh (N/C)
  • HDD Cage Assy: Standard (N/C), Flex-Bay (N/C)


  • Size: 15″W x 19.06″H x 20.06″D (381mm x 484mm x 510mm)
  • PCI Slots: 8
  • Form Factor: mATX – ATX/EATX (12.0″ x 10.75”)  (305mm x 273mm)
  • Max Radiator Size: 120.3
  • Radiator Clearance Above the MB Tray: 100mm
  • Radiator Clearance Below the MB Tray: 52mm
  • Cooling Tower Clearance: 180mm
  • Flex-Bays (5.25” Bays): 10
  • HDD Capacity: 12 (24 using Flex-Bays)
  • Weight: 19 lbs.

Note: Sizes shown are for the case only. Rubber feet add .75″ (19mm) to height, optional casters add 2.63″ (67mm).

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