Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Tipped for 2018

Gamers are expecting a new Call of Duty game this year and rumors indicate that the most likely game we will see is Black Ops 4. The last game in the franchise was CoD WWII and it did very well with big sales numbers and having ended 2017 as the highest grossing game on consoles.

Rumors floating around claim that the game is in development with Treyarch. Rumor fuel was added to the fire when a video turned up of Houston Rockets basketball player James Harden turning up at a game wearing a hat that resembles one from Black Ops 3 but having a fourth slash on it.

So far Activision hasn’t confirmed anything about the game or that it is even happening. Screen Rant points out that there is a three-year cycle for new Call of Duty games, 2018 is the year and Treyarch is in the rotation for this year.

Activision will certainly have high hopes for Black Ops 4, Black Ops 2 was the highest selling game in the entire franchise. CoD: WWII was the second best selling title in the franchise. We will be on the lookout for more information on this rumor.