Cadence 4-Bit Binary Leather Watch Review

The 4-bit Binary Watch

If you like collecting unique watches as a hobby or just like to impress your friends with something new and unusual, we have a treat in store for you today! A couple weeks ago, Legit Reviews received an e-mail from Cadence asking for us to review a watch for them. As you can imagine we laughed at the e-mail and almost just deleted it! Just milliseconds before deleting the e-mail we noticed that the review request was for a 4-bit binary watch. We figured, what the heck, let’s throw it into the mix and see what happens!

Cadence 4-bit Binary Watch

This week the 4-bit binary watch from Cadence showed up and we were instantly impressed by the optional gift box packaging and presentation of the watch. The box was very sturdy with a bold color and the black and white color combination was nice. This color orange is also pretty darn close to the color we used for the Legit Reviews site theme and logo, so we might also be slightly biased.

Cadence 4-bit Binary Watch Series

Before we get too far, we should stop and mention that Cadence makes three 4-bit binary series wrist watches. We were sent the basic white faced watch with leather straps that retails for $90. For a little extra money ($25) you can get a version with a black face and a steel band that has a very slight Tag Heuer look to it. The flagship model is the Cadence 4-bit chronograph watch, which costs $195 and has luminescent watch hands and obviously more

Cadence Watch Warranty

A tag comes on the Cadence 4-bit binary watch that clearly states the watch has a 5-year limited warranty and has Japanese movement and a Chinese strap. The specifications of this model are shown below and we should point out that this watch uses Miyota quartz movement. For those that don’t know, Miyota is part of Citizen Holdings and Citizen Holdings dates back to 1918. So, this isn’t a cheap knock off watch by any means.

Cadence 4-bit Binary Watch Technical Specifications:

  • Case made from jewelry grade (316L) stainless steel.
  • Saddle stitched two part leather strap with stainless steel buckle.
  • Miyota quartz movement.
  • Five year limited warranty on movement and hands.
  • Case size: 40mm diameter, 9mm thickness.
  • Water resistant to 3ATM.
  • Saphire coated quartz glass.
Cadence Watch Warranty

The Cadence 4-bit leather mouse has a very clean look to it with thick leather straps that feature white stitching that matches the white face. The buckle is made from stainless steel and it does have a brushed finish. This watch is battery powered, so it doesn’t require winding. Cadence rated the watch water resistant up to 3 ATM or just under 100 feet.

Cadence Watch Warranty

The back of the watch is pretty basic and features a silver bottom cap that pops off in order to access the battery. The straps are real leather and look and feel like they are made from high quality leather.  The black band is 250mm in length and 22mm wide.

Cadence Watch Warranty

The face of the watch is 40mm or 1.57″ across and has a fairly stylish look too it and is far from being gaudy. One thing that might put off some people is that there is no calendar date shown on this watch. The minute and hour arms are painted black and have no luminescence. The second had is red and does have a single luminescence dot on it. The hours are marked on the face of the watch in binary and not Roman or Arabic symbols like most watches that you see on the market. The hours are also luminescent, which looks good, but you can’t see the hour and minute hands!

Cadence Watch Face

This picture in a dark room gives you an idea of what we are talking about.  Can you see what time it is?

Cadence Watch Warranty

The Cadence 4-bit binary leather watch has a simplistic look to it, yet manages to seamlessly incorporate binary code onto the watch face. This watch will let your inner geek out so you can express yourself without having to wave that massive geek flag that you know you are hiding inside! Most people will likely not know that this is 4-bit binary, but for those that do it should be a good conversation starter.  This is one of those items that you buy because you want to show it off or you wanted to get a fun gift for someone that already has everything.

When it comes to pricing we were able to find the Cadence 4-bit binary watch for $79.99 on This price doesn’t appear out of line, but that is ultimately up to you. Our only two complaints with the watch was the lack of a calendar and luminescent minute and hour hands.

The Cadence watch does come backed by a five year limited warranty in the event that something goes mechanically wrong.

Legit Bottom Line: The Cadence 4-bit Binary leather watch kicks roman numerals to the curb and lets you read the time in binary code!

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