Build Your Own WiMAX Network – Just need a Tortoise Transmitter and a Manitowoc Crane

If you happen to have a crane and some extra cash laying around it seems you can now purchase and setup your own WiMAX transmitter with the Tortoise. Tortoise is a portable, rugged, high-power transmitter system composed of dual independent, transmitter modules giving the user freedom to transmit on any 2 unique frequency bands simultaneously without the need for expensive and bulky additional transmitters. The only down side to the transmitter is that the crane shown in the pictures is not included!

Tortoise WiMAX transmitter

Tortoise features two dynamically controlled Class A amplifiers for the cleanest signal output and VSWR protection. Tortoise features built-in thermal overheat protection circuitry with quad cooling fans to ensure against overheating during operation. Remote adjustments include power level, channel or frequency assignment and transmit On/Off via USB, RS-232 and Ethernet from anywhere. An optional WiMAX OFDMA MODULATOR allows Tortoise to simulate WiMAX base station transmissions complete with adjustable step sizes, channel bandwidth and user settable ID Cell, Segment and frame lengths.


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