Buffalo Firestix PC2-8500 Memory Review

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Overclocking the Buffalo ram gave us a great boost in our benchmarks.  As we took the ram from DDR800 to DDR1066, our scores and framerates increased greatly.  We were curious as to how far we could push this ram, so we set the CPU to a multi of 8, set our timings to 5-5-5-18, and cranked the votage up as far as we could get it (2.3v) and we pushed it until we could go no further.  Now, I would have to admit that we do not have the greatest overclocking board on the bench at the moment, so this ram may have been able to do a little better, but what we got was really good!  Take a look:

buffalo pc2-8500 overclocking

A total of DDR1170!  That is pretty amazing!  Of course it is easier to overclock a 1GB kit, so I would not expect these same results from Buffalo’s 2GB kit of PC2-8500, but you might get close!  I was actually pretty amazed at how easy this stuff was to overclock, especially on a mediocre overclocking board.  Kudos to Buffalo Tech for their ability to produce a great kit!

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