Buffalo Firestix PC2-8500 Memory Review

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Who is Buffalo Technology

It is always interesting and exciting to get to look at a product from a company that you have never dealt with before.  Part of the process of reviewing products is learning the way that a particular company does things, and as you work with companies, you start to learn their strengths and weaknesses.  I believe this is as much a part of the review process as actually looking at the product itself. 

Today we have the opportunity to look at a product from a new company for Legit Reviews.  Buffalo Technology is branded as “Japan’s #1 Module Manufacturer.”  We have the opportunity to look at one of their DDR2 products today, as well as look at the company itself.

Sometimes the best way to find out something about someone you do not know much about is to just ask them, or in our case, we just went to their site to see what they say about themselves.  So here is a brief bio of the company, right from their site…

Since 1975, Buffalo Technology has grown to be Japan?s #1 memory module manufacturer and a rapidly expanding company worldwide. With over $1.3 billion in revenues (FY 2005), Buffalo?s success stems from its world-class design contributions of global memory standards and exceptionally high quality modules. ?Experience,? ?Reputation? and ?Reliability? make Buffalo products a clear choice to PC consumers, resellers, system builders and computer integrators worldwide.
Buffalo offers an extensive range of memory products for home, work, and play. The full product line of memory modules includes Certified modules for system builds and production lines, Select modules for purchases based on product specifications, ultra-high performance FireStix modules for game and workstation systems, and TechWorks modules for Apple systems. Each module is manufactured with premier components and materials and endures a demanding test process to ensure 100% reliability and compatibility.


Highest Quality and Maximum Compatibility

  • Manufactured with only Premier Components and Materials
  • 100% Tested with Major Motherboards and Computer Memory Test Labs (CMTL)
  • Direct Qualification with Major Motherboard Manufacturers

Quality Value Modules at an Affordable Cost

  • Cost-effective without sacrificing quality
  • Built to Meet Buffalo’s High Manufacturing Standards
  • 100% Tested with Major Motherboards for Optimal Compatibility

Superior Performance Beyond Industry Standards

  • Aluminum Heat-Spreader with Thermally-Conductive Adhesive
  • Extremely High Over-Clocking Capabilities and Extended RAM Life
  • Exceptional Performance in Latest Gaming Motherboards

Designed Specifically for Apple Systems

  • Premier Apple Developer
  • 100% Tested by TechWorks and Apple to Guarantee Compatibility
  • Committed to Surpassing All Apple Specifications
  • First to offer Lifetime Warranty on Memory Modules

Buffalo seems to have a line for everything, from Value to Enthusiast.  Fortunately for us, we get to look at the enthusiast ine today – Firestix!

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