Brent Barry From AMD Talks About AMD FX-Series Vishera Processors

AMD’s very own Brent Barry recently sat down for an interview with TigerDirect where he talked the upcoming AMD Vishera based FX processors. The interview is short, but Mr. Barry mentions that the new core architecture would bring a frequency bump along with about 7% instructions per clock (IPC) and it is 15% more efficient than the current FX Bulldozer processors. The AMD FX-8350 will have eight cores running at 4.0 GHz and they have the ability to boost to 4.2 Ghz in some scenarios. The AMD Piledriver x86 core architecture used in Vishera might not be enough for AMD to catch up to Intel’s Ivy Bridge core architecture, but it keeps them in the race and it works on existing AMD socket AM3+ motherboards. This means it can be used as a low-cost upgrade path to those using Bulldozer! AMD’s FX-Vishera launch has been said to be coming on October 23rd, 2012 thanks to launch date confirmation from Xbitlabs.


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