BlueAnt Wireless Z9i Bluetooth Headset Review

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Conclusion & Wrap-Up

Looking Good with the BlueAnt Z9i

Overall, the BlueAnt Z9i is a very good headset.  We found the noise cancellation to just slightly better than its older sibling the Z9.  In a crowded and noisy room, the Z9i will definitely perform better than that of a normal everyday headset.  The dual microphones that BlueAnt equipped it with will isolate your voice and suppress background noise.  The Jawbone and Plantronics headsets will perform this function much better, but with a much higher list price.  When it comes to noise cancellation we have found that you certainly get what you pay for.

BlueAnt makes this headset future proof by allowing the user to upgrade the Z9i’s firmware via the net and a USB cable.  We are finding more and more manufacturers doing this and we think it makes good sense.  Compatibility with mobile devices was a non-issue as the Z9i synced flawlessly to each of our test devices.  The Multipoint Technology which allows a user to connect simultaneously to two devices even worked when we paired it to Sony’s Playstation 3.  While chatting online with friends, my mobile rang and I was able to answer the call with the headset!  Very nice.

Our only hesitation really when it comes to this headset is the lack of comfort while wearing it.  Even though we were able to get through days wearing it, I wouldn’t place the Z9i on the top of my list of easiest to wear.  I definitely had to take breaks while wearing this headset.  If you are considering this Bluetooth headset, make sure you try it on so that you are comfortable with the fit.  I think the designers and engineers did a good job making the Z9i more versatile when it comes to custom fitting, but there is still some work to be done.

BlueAnt Z9i in Red

Legit Bottom Line:

With a street price of around $70, the BlueAnt Z9i is a very good headset for those that need active noise cancellation and voice enhancement for use in noisy conditions.  Unfortunately, even with its small packaging and sleek styling, the upgraded Z9i has a fit that is prone to ear fatigue for power users.

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