Blizzard Gives Overwatch Players in Game Items for Watching Overwatch League

Blizzard really wants fans of the Overwatch video game to watch the Overwatch League. To woo gamers to watch the gaming competition, Blizzard will give you free in-game items as a thank you. The items include skins, emotes, and stickers if you watch via Twitch.

CinemaBlend reports that gamers can also earn virtual League Tokens for tuning into broadcasts. Those tokens can then be turned in for in-game rewards. Word is that if this works well to get gamers to watch, the same premise might be rolled out to other games.

Getting these rewards for watching does require the user to use the Overwatch League’s “Cheering” feature. Players cheer using virtual bits bought with real money. Players can buy their own bits as well with 1000 of them going for $10, 100 for $1.40. The $10 deal is for first-time buyers.

Normal pricing for bits is $19.95 for 1500 or 25,000 for $308. The bits are also spent by cheering with players being able to designate how many bits to cheer and for what team. One League Token is given for each match a player watches, more can be unlocked by cheering. You do need a account linked to Twitch,, and channel.