BitFenix Outlaw PC Gaming Case Review

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We will now take a look at what most people with see with this case, the exterior. Every manufacturer does a little something or another to set itself different from the competition. BitFenix does this on both the inside and the outside. Two items are very distinct when I reviewed this case.

BF Outlaw Front Panel

I had to remind myself during this review that this case retails for $49. The reason I say this is because it looks and feels like it should be a bit more. First thing that reminded me of this is the SoftTouch material on the front panel. It’s a great feature on this all black case that BitFenix seems to have across their chassis line. Three 5.25″ drive bays take up the front top of the case. The rest of the front of the mid-tower Outlaw is fairly simple. A BitFenix logo sticker comes with the case to show off if you’d like.


BF Outlaw Front IO ports

Above the front of the case is the I/O panel. We have 4 USB 2.0 ports, audio in, audio out, power button, reset button, power light, and activity light. BitFenix has told me two of these USB ports will be replaced with USB 3.0 ports in the near future.

BF Outlaw Main Side

Wait! We have another change of conventional cases by Bitfenix in the Outlaw. The primary side is on the right side of the Outlaw, not the left. We have two locations for case fans at either size of 120mm and 140mm. There is good reason the sides were changed and we will see why with the interior.

BF Outlaw Alternate Side

The alternate side is a conventional thumbscrew style side door. I also liked the metallic cylindrical feet on the mid-tower.

BF Outlaw Back and IO Ports

The rear I/O port may look a little different as well. Of course there are two ports for external liquid cooling. The power supply will sit in the middle. The card I/O ports start from the top of the case and line down for a total of seven slots. The seven slots are not in a conventional location for good reason, which we will see in the interiors location.

BF Outlaw Top Side

The top side starts with the SoftTouch I/O panel mentioned above. It also has two locations for 120mm fans.

BF outlaw Case Bottom

The bottom of the case includes two more locations for 120mm fans. These fan mounting locations will total 8 for the case. No sliding filter for the bottom fans.

The outside of the case is fairly common when first looked at. After a further look and touch you can see what Bitfenix has done to set aside the competition. The SoftTouch front side is very nice. The opposite side entry will make more sense when seeing the inside. The case is well constructed and light enough to carry to a LAN game. For the budget conscience builder this is a nice pick up from the outside.

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