BitFenix Outlaw PC Gaming Case Review

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We, as PC enthusiasts, always want our product to be received in one piece. Let’s check out how the BitFenix Outlaw comes boxed. The box is a conventional cardboard box. All graphics and lettering are in black with a plain cardboard background. The box is well taped up and is well secured for shipping. How does the rest of the box compare inside and out?


BitFenix Front Side

The primary side of the box has a lot of information in both graphics and wording. The model “Outlaw” graces the top of the box in large old-west style graphics. The BitFenix graphic takes up the top right side of the box. The statement “Unique Thermal Layout” and “4 x USB2.0 ports follows below” are shown with the graphics below. Three graphics follow suit. There are nice large graphics showing the inside of the case and where the CPU-cooler cut out is. There is a side panel graphic emphasizing the side panel cooling. The final graphic shows there is plenty of room for a long graphics card that can be extended into the drive bay cage. The trademark footer is at the bottom.

BitFenix Back Side

The opposite side is a bit plainer, but I believe for good reason. BitFenix, in my opinion, has a great logo and it takes up most of this side of the box justified to the left. Below in old-west style font is the Outlaw name again. The website,, is on the footer of this side of the box.

BitFenix Side 1

Next we have the side of the box. Betfenix again has placed its logo and the top of the side. Below that we have a nice sized hand hold cut out. Below that BitFenix flashed the Outlaw model name again. A graphic of the front side is shown. Next we have a chart giving some good information that was mentioned on page one of this review.

BitFenix Top Side

The top side is simple again. One flap has the BitFenix logo. The second flap has “Outlaw” emblazoned on it.

BitFenix Extras

BitFenix is very generous with accessories when they give you with the case. There is a nice instruction booklet entailing installation. There are plenty of screws for both the cages and motherboard tray. Also, many thumb screws are packaged as well. Please take a look at the Quick Installation Guide. It is very informative for a quick read and will be a big help in getting started in a build.

BitFenix Opened Item

When the package is opened it is encased in Styrofoam and a plastic case. The hand hold of the Styrofoam broke off when the case was pulled out of the box. This caused no problem in protecting the mid-tower Outlaw but may if it needs to be repackaged.

Overall I am happy with the packaging. In my opinion I really like the BitFenix logo. It is nice how one side of the box has a huge graphic of it. The information and detailed graphics would give even the least informed builder enough information to choose the Outlaw The box is secure and so is the interior packaging. The box does mention 4 x USB 2.0 on the front I/O panel. I contacted Bitfenix about this and these will be changed to 2 x 2.0 and 2 x 3.0 for the USB ports. BitFenix also has 4 x USB 3.0 3.5″ front ports available for $12.99.

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