BIOSTAR TP67XE Intel LGA 1155 Sandy Bridge Motherboard Review

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SATA 6 Performance Testing

HD Tach is a low level hardware benchmark for random access read/write storage devices such as hard drives, removable drives (ZIP/JAZZ), flash devices, and RAID arrays. HD Tach uses custom device drivers and other low level Windows interfaces to bypass as many layers of software as possible and get as close to the physical performance of the device possible.

HD Tach

The SATA6 Testing was done using Crucial RealSSD C300 256Gb SATA6 SSD drive.

 BIOSTAR TP67XE HD Tach SATA3 Performance Results

Benchmark Results: The BIOSTAR TP67XE brought its “A” game for the SATA 6 testing. The average read in HD Tach was 17.17MB/s faster than the next fastest board. That’s a difference of 5.5%! Unfortunately, the average write speeds weren’t quite up to the challenge. With an average write speed of only 197.73MB/s it is 13.2% slower than the ASUS P8P67 Deluxe which averaged 227.77MB/s.

HD Tune Pro 4.01 is an extended version of HD Tune which includes
many new features such as write benchmark, secure erasing, AAM setting,
folder usage view, disk monitor, command line parameters and file

HD Tune

HD Tune

 BIOSTAR TP67XE HD Tune SATA3 Performance Results

Benchmark Results: Once again the BIOSTAR TP67XE brought the “A” game. The BIOSTAR TP67XE is the first of our boards to break past the 300MB/s mark with an average read of 314.4MB/s. The average write speeds of the BIOSTAR TP67XE took the top score, though the margin wasn’t quite as impressive.

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